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Sonci Kingery is originally from Traer, IA. She attended Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa and graduated from Drake University Law School in 2012. Ms. Kingery has worked with immigration clients who were seeking U-VISA and VAWA remedies as victims of violent crimes. Most of these clients had experienced interpersonal violence in both their home country and in the United States. Ms. Kingery also has handled cases in the areas of child custody, child support, dissolution of marriage, guardianships, and landlord/tenant disputes. Ms. Kingery gained her first trial experience, and win, before she even graduated law school while she was with the General Civil clinic. She also participated in a prosecutor internship in Bremer County. During that internship Ms. Kingery handled numerous cases including speeding tickets, OWIs, animal neglect, and assault.


 Ms. Kingery served on the Drake Journal of Agriculture Law. Her article entitled “The Agricultural Iron Curtain: Ag Gag Legislation and the Threat to Free Speech, Food Safety, and Animal Welfare” was one of a handful of student-written works chosen for publication. Her article can be found in the Fall 2012 publication of the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law. Ms. Kingery argued that so-called “ag gag” laws, which sought to make undercover videotaping and photography on agricultural facilities a crime, was a violation of the First Amendment.


 Ms. Kingery operated her own solo law firm before coming to McEnroe, Gotsdiner, Brewer, Steinbach & Rothman. During her time as a solo practitioner she handled court-appointed cases in the areas of criminal and juvenile law. Ms. Kingery represented clients in a variety of cases including OWI, burglary, possession of a controlled substance, and assault.

Recent News

6-7-18: Daniel Rothman’s client was alleged to have committed more than 15 felony level burglaries. After dealing with the case for several months, the client was able to avoid convictions of any kind.


5-25-18: Daniel Rothman represented a client who was being investigated for a class C forceable felony assault, which would have led to a 10 year prison sentence. Over a period of 7 months we used expert witnesses and other approaches to show that the case was unwinnable for the state. Finally, the state agreed to not file any charges of any level. Our client was able to move on with his life without the public embarrassment and stress of a criminal charge.


1-19-18: Daniel Rothman’s client was charged with possession of methamphetamine. Daniel Rothman showed the state the officer’s video footage that demonstrated the officers illegally searched the Defendant’s car. The state decided to dismiss all charges.


1-11-18: Daniel Rothman represented a client charged with 2 counts of Child Endangerment in Polk County. After fighting the case for several months, the state finally dismissed all criminal charges and the court costs were even assessed to the state by the court, instead of to the client.


11-1-17: Daniel Rothman was able to successfully represent a Story county client who had been charged with an OWI. After filing a motion to suppress evidence the state dismissed the OWI charge completely.


10-27-17: A client represented by Daniel Rothman was charged with Domestic Assault Causing Injury in Polk County. After a lengthy fight, including collecting witnesses who could show the alleged victim lied under oath in a related civil hearing, the state agreed to dismiss all criminal charges.


10-17-17: Daniel Rothman argued a motion to suppress alleging that the officer violated Iowa Code Section 321J.5 by illegally detaining the client without reasonable cause and making them take a PBT test. The Court agreed and granted the motion to suppress. The OWI case will be dismissed and the DOT must reinstate the client’s driving privileges and take the OWI off their record.


10-4-17: An administrative law judge agreed with Daniel Rothman’s argument that an officer had denied the client his full and timely phone call rights as required by Iowa Code Section 804.20. The Judge ordered the DOT to reinstate the driving privileges of the client and remove the OWI from the client’s DOT record.


6-22-17: Bill Brewer acquired a $100,000 settlement for his client who suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident in Dallas County.


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