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Murray B. Gotsdiner was born in Des Moines in 1953 and has lived and worked in Des Moines his entire life.  He received his bachelor’s degree from Drake University in 1975 and graduated from Drake Law School in 1979 where he maintained membership in Phi Alpha Delta. 


Mr. Gotsdiner was admitted to the Iowa Bar and the US District Courts of Iowa in 1980. He was admitted to practice in US Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court in 1983 in addition to being licensed to practice law in the state of Texas since 1989.  He is a member of the Polk County and Iowa Bar associations as a member of the Business law, Commercial and Bankruptcy law, Trade Regulations and Real Estate law.  Mr. Gotsdiner has achieved an AV rating (the highest possible rating) with Martindale Hubbell. 

Practicing In:

  • Corporate Law
  • Business Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Commercial Law
  • Contracts
  • Franchise Law
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Residential or Commercial Real Estate & Closing Services.  Including but not limited to; title opinions; 1031 Exchanges; HUD preparation; Purchase or Refinance Closings; Foreclosure Defense and Title Guaranty Procurement


Representative Clients

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.
  • Bank of the West
  • Franklin American Mortgage Company
  • Industrial Refrigeration Services Inc
  • Group Pizza, Inc DBA Felix & Oscars
  • Two Rivers Bank and Trust
  • Active Alarm Services, Inc
  • McIntire Electric, Inc
  • Laser Steel, Inc
  • Morrison Trucking Inc
  • R & S Disaster Recovery Inc
  • Shifo Auto Sales Corp.
  • Great Blinds, LLC
  • Reynolds General Construction, Inc

Bar Admissions

  • Iowa, 1980
  • U.S. District Court Northern & Southern District of Iowa, 1980
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, 1982           
  • U.S. Supreme Court, 1983
  • Texas, 1989


  • Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa, 1979 J.D.
  • Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, 1975, B.A.

Professional Association

  • Iowa State Bar Association
  • Polk County Bar Association
  • State Bar of Texas


Recent News

9-4-19: Nicholas Carda’s client was charged with an assault in Polk County. Nick asserted a self-defense argument and discussed other flaws in the case with the prosecutor. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case in its entirety and even to have the state pay the court costs on the matter.


8-22-19: A Polk County prosecutor dismissed an OWI charge against Daniel Rothman’s client without a court hearing. They did so after it was shown to the prosecutor that there were filing deadline issues that would lead to a court ordered dismissal if the state fought the case.


7-18-19: Nicholas Carda’s client was charged with Driving While Revoked in Boone county, and was facing jail time. After working diligently on the case for many months, the prosecutor dismissed all charges.


6-6-19: Daniel Rothman’s client had their OWI 2nd case dismissed and the dot withdrew all sanctions as the officer violated the client’s 804.20 rights. The officer claimed to have informed the client about their phone call rights but the video footage showed that the officer did not and that she lied about doing so in her official police reports.


5-28-19: Daniel Rothman represented a client who was charged with aggravated misdemeanor child endangerment. Although the state made several offers to resolve the case they would not dismiss the matter. The client insisted on a trial or dismissal to clear her name. We showed numerous scientific and testimonial inconsistences to destroy the credibility of the state’s case. The client was found not guilty of all charges


4-17-19: Daniel Rothman’s OWI client tested above the legal limit on the state’s official breath test but he still wanted to have a jury trial. Daniel Rothman argued the matter in Madison county over a 2 day jury trial where the jury could not find the client guilty of OWI, under a driving while impaired or the per se test being above .08. The Jury was split 6-6 and the Court had no choice but to declare a mistrial. It is up to the state to try the matter again or let it go within 90 days.


1-28-19: Daniel Rothman represented a client who was charged with a class B forceable felony burglary and assault, which would have led to a 25 year prison sentence. Over a period of 10 months we used depositions to show the flaws in the state’s case including showing that the alleged victim lied under oath. Finally, the state agreed to dismiss all charges.


1-10-19: Daniel Rothman’s client was alleged to have committed several charges for dealing drugs. After working on the case for several months, the client’s case was dismissed even though a co-defendant was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.


12-11-18: A Dallas County Judge ruled that the motion to suppress evidence argued by Daniel Rothman was correct. The Judge held that the officer violated the Defendant’s rights under Iowa Code section 321J.11 The client’s driving privileges will also be restored and the fact that the client was even charged with the OWI will be expunged from the public record.


12-7-18: An administrative law judge held that the Daniel Rothman’s client had his rights, under Iowa Code Section 804.20, violated and ordered the IDOT to reinstate the client’s driving privileges.


10-18-18: Daniel Rothman showed the state prosecutor that the client’s charges had no merit. The prosecutor indicated to the court that the case must be dismissed. The client’s driving privileges will also be restored and the fact that the client was even charged with the OWI will be expunged from the public record.


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